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We are a certified, and established kennel for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. From time to time we have puppies, which are always bred according to the guidelines of the breed association.






The puppies are always born from well calculated combinations of parent animals. Of course the parents are inspected on HD, ED and OCD and they all receive an eye exam. They also get examined for exterior and character flaws and we visit shows with them on a regular basis.

Moreover we use “Dogbase”. This is a computer program of the official coordinating German Swiss Mountain Dog association (Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein), in which all German (and foreign dogs that have had a German medical examination) are registered, together with their medical data. By introducing a possible combination of parental dogs in this program, we can collect a great amount of knowledge about the future pups. In this program complete families are taken along to calculate the future expectations. Of course we also look at the prevalence of epilepsy, HD, ED, OCD and eye sicknesses by using this program. This way we try not only to breed beautiful looking dogs, but on the first place also strong and healthy Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

The pups are born in the living room and also grow up there. If the weather is fine, we let them go outside to play. When the puppies are 6 weeks old they get their first vaccination and examination at the veterinary. When they are eight weeks they can be picked up by their new owners.

On our internet site we proudly present the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. In addition, you can look at the genealogy of our dogs. At this moment, we have 10 dogs living with us. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a very kind and balanced character. They are affectionate to other people, but they will always protect and watch over their owner. They are children’s best friends. This attractive dog is constantly becoming more and more popular as a loving family dog.

  If you are interested in a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy please send us an email or call 0031-485514588.

Meer informatie? of bel : 0485-514588